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We have 25 years experience of advising both Landlords and Tenants specifically in East and North London, in Essex and Hertfordshire, but also in South and West London, the Home Counties and across the country.

For many tenants running businesses, the property they occupy constitutes a large part of their outgoings.  Taking advice on:


What rent to pay when a new lease is being taken


In a rent review situation


What terms to agree at lease renewal


will be of benefit to the overall running of a business by ensuring property costs are kept to a minimum


From the Landlord’s perspective, if the best terms can be agreed with the occupier, this will maximise the investment.  It is just as important to take advice in bad as well as good times.  Whilst most modern leases provide that rents cannot go down at rent review, the rent can go down at lease renewal, so early advice will inform what strategy to adopt.


The wording of a lease and the interpretation of certain clauses can have the effect of pushing the rent either up or down.


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